Classical guitars




“The guitar is a small orchestra. It is polyphonic. Every string is a different color, a different voice.”

Andres Segovia


Chitarra classica mod. Antonio De TorresOur classical guitars are the result of years of study of the best instruments built in history. Torres, Hauser, Romanillos, Stauffer are just some of several great guitar builders that inspired our classical’s design and voice.

Studying the evolution of building techniques is key to understand the physical functioning of an instrument and subsequently to the implementation of new solutions to improve the voice and the comfort.


Designed to get the best out of these features, Liuteria Guarnieri classical guitars are built with the best materials meticulously selected, seasoned and dried in a humidity controlled environment. Every guitar is built according to the musician’s requests, paying particular attention to materials properties.

We have several models available, designed for every kind of musical repertoire.


Chitarra modello Stauffer Liuteria Guarnieri

Historical models

Historical models are available ranging from the XIX to the XX century, from builders like Fabricatore, Lacote, Stauffer, Torres and Hauser.

These guitars are built philologically, respecting the original features like materials and dimensions.

Modern model

chitarra classica moderna Liuteria GuarnieriThis model is the result of the studies conducted on both historical and contemporary guitars, merging tradition and innovation. This guitar is designed to ensure the maximum confort possible while retaining a powerful sound with great projection and the expressiveness typical of the classical guitar.

The cutaway option is available for this model.



The tonal, aesthetic and functional features can be discussed for any custom order. Every detail is important to get YOUR OWN Liuteria Guarnieri guitar.

Materials, bracing, neck shape, cutaway, scale length, aestetics: each of these elements is discussed with the customer based on the musician’s characteristics in order to get a tailor-made instrument.