Acoustic Guitars




In the first years of the 20th century industry’s technological progress allowed the production of metal wires with very thin diameter at very low costs: steel strings were born. The guitar’s world won’t be the same ever again.

Liuteria Guarnieri guitars are conceived after years of study of the most iconic acoustic guitars in history, to grasp the features that made them so effective and mix them with modern design, study of materials and building techniques in a process of endless innovation.



With its small body, this guitar recalls the classic look of the L00 from the 30s. Don’t let the small size trick you though, this guitar has a powerful and rich sound with lots of projection.
A landmark for blues and country-blues musician, this model will deliver a slightly mid-rangy vintage tone with the power and projection of an OM guitar.
The body size and the short scale make this instrument extremly comfortable.


Chitarra acustica 00 Liuteria Guarnieri






One of the most iconic guitars ever produced. Named after a Royal Navy battleship, the HMS Dreadnought, probably because of its body size and shape.

This model, introduced in 1926 by Martin Guitars is recognizable by its almost-straight waist and its large and deep body. It owes its popularity to the bluegrass, a music genre in which guitar players need to be able to compete with the volume and projection of the banjo.
The body features emphasize lower frequencies, making for a powerful and deep voice.



Chitarra acustica dreadnought Liuteria Guarnieri




Chitarra acustica OM Liuteria Guarnieri



Probably the most versatile acoustic guitar ever. The body shape, characterised by a larger lower bout and a pretty narrow waist, makes for a very focused sound especially on the mid-range frequencies with a great projection.
Its tonal features makes it the perfect guitar for fingerstyle playing, but at the same time really responsive to the attack of strumming.




The tonal, aesthetic and functional features can be discussed for any custom order. Every detail is important to get YOUR OWN Liuteria Guarnieri guitar.

Materials, bracing, neck shape, cutaway, scale length, aestetics: each of these elements is discussed with the customer based on the musician’s characteristics in order to get a tailor-made instrument.